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Retail Products

Choosing sleep products that will help you get a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health and well-being.

Make sure your first choice is the best choice! Ecin Bedding offers a full line of high-quality retail products that will meet your unique personal requirements.

Innerspring bedding
Innerspring bedding consists of an innerspring mattress and matching box spring or foundation. For comfort, support, and durability, this combination out performs all other types of bedding. Ecin Bedding offers several types of innerspring mattresses, including, foam-encased, continuous coils, and marshal coils, to name only a few. Although innerspring bedding is usually purchased in sets, individual pieces are available.

Foam/polyurethane bedding
Polyurethane foam is available in many different densities and levels of firmness. Each purchase is dependent on the customer’s requirements. The use of foam greatly reduces motion transfer from one individual to another. In addition, foam bed sets are extremely flexible, enabling the user to move them into tight quarters. These bed sets are particularly amenable to boats and RVs and, if necessary, can be folded for install. Foam is available in different forms including, memory foam, gel-infused foam, and latex.

Incontinence mattresses
Incontinence is a problem encountered by people of all ages. We can provide a mattress that is produced with inverted seams thus preventing fluids from puddling along the taped edges. The mattress is constructed using a 210 denier nylon coated with urethane to provide a moisture barrier that resists liquid penetration. Unlike vinyl, this construction produces a comfortable sleep surface that is moisture resistant, that is totally reversible and can be slept on both sides. Mattresses can be shipped directly to the consumer. Mattress can be cleaned with a mild soap and water. For orders, please contact us directly.

Specialty Bedding
With an onsite woodworking shop, and team of talented craftsmen, Ecin Bedding can custom build any type or size of mattress or bedding for a range of uses such as boats, recreational vehicles, antique beds, custom beds, and cradles.

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